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Vulcano TAAL pizza oven and barbecue

Vulcano TAAL pizza oven and barbecue


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The Vulcano Taal in its Pizza Oven and Barbecue version embodies our commitment to innovation and quality. Designed for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, this hybrid product offers the flexibility to prepare authentic wood-fired pizzas as well as succulent grills with the same ease.

Vulcano Taal is also available in Pizza Oven version only.

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Pizza oven

The new compact outdoor oven Vulcano.

The Taal by Vulcano is a compact pizza oven that offers the possibility to choose between two versions according to your needs: Pizza and tarte flambée oven or Pizza oven AND Barbecue. Very energy-efficient, it is the ideal product for compact outdoor spaces and pizza lovers seeking optimization and authenticity.

Thanks to its high-quality materials and advanced cooking technology, it ensures perfect pizza cooking in just 90 seconds. Moreover, its reduced size and weight make it an excellent choice for balconies, terraces, or even camping trips.

Oven pizza and barbecue

The oven pizza and barbecue version of the Vulcano Taal is one of a kind.

This patented product allows you to switch from pizza cooking mode to grilling mode in the blink of an eye, thanks to its unique system in the world.

For the oven mode, use wood or pellets according to your preferences and wood or charcoal for the barbecue mode.

This compact and versatile oven is ideal for small outdoor spaces. It can accompany you during your holidays, evenings with friends or family moments: don’t leave without it!

Cook all your dishes outdoors like a chef with the Vulcano Taal. Delicious pizzas, grilled meats, and roasted vegetables, enjoy a unique culinary experience

In pizza mode :

With wood

with pellets

in barbecu mode

with charcoal

with wood

3D eruption: Discover the Taal in 360°!


The Taal already at your place!

Click on the button below, and place the Taal on a work surface in your garden or on your terrace!

Scan with your phone, and place the Taal on a work surface in your garden or on your terrace!

Its strengths in a few words

  • Easily transportable
  • Stainless steel structure
  • 2cm ceramic fiber insulation
  • Reaches 400°C in 15 minutes
  • Pizza cooking in 90 seconds
  • Removable drawer
  • Cooking stone dimensions: 37x33cm
  • Barbecue grill dimensions: 34x30cm
  • Cooking stone thickness: 1.5cm

The Taal can be installed on the new Vulcano cart (sold separately), which offers great mobility and unmatched versatility.

The accessories

Vulcano also offers a wide range of accessories to accompany your oven.

Bois Flamme Vulcano

Avant tout une histoire de passion.

Une conception 100% Française.

Depuis maintenant plus de 10 ans et constamment à l’écoute du marché, nous poursuivons notre objectif qui est de vous proposer des nouveautés et des produits en adéquation avec les souhaits des utilisateurs.

Weight 40 kg
Convertible Oven Yes
Display window No
Énergie Charcoal , Pellets , Wood
Safety handles Yes
Thermomètre de contrôle Yes
Pierre(s) 37x 33 cm – Height 1,5 cm
Barbecue grill surface 34 x 30 cm
Insulation 2 cm of ceramic fiber
Tiroir à cendres amovible Yes
Dimensions H : 73 cm – L : 60 cm – P : 40 cm (closed drawer)
guarantee Refractory stone: no guarantee , Stainless Steel Components, Thermometers, Handles, Wheels, and Glass: 2 years
Package contents Fireplace , Foyer , Instructions , Refractory stone
Version Pizza oven & barbecue
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Produit (5)

Yes, if the space is open. Check your condominium bylaws !

All our furnaces are painted with a corrosion-, heat- and salt-resistant paint. However, it is preferable to cover the oven or bring it inside when not in use.

We offer for sale a maintenance kit to be applied to the painted parts of your oven to maintain it. 

A protective cover is also available on our website.

The stainless steel sheet(s) on our convertible ovens are positioned under the stone(s). This prevents the stone from being exposed to grease when the barbecue is in use, and makes cleaning easier.

Start with a pile of kindling, then light a fire starter and place it on top.

Leave to set. Gradually add the small log split into quarters.

Once you have a carpet of embers, you can add more substantial pieces of wood.

Please follow the warm-up instructions in your owner’s manual to find out how long it will take for the oven to reach the right temperature.

Use dry kindling to light the fire

Use wood species such as beech, hornbeam, ash and oak.

Do not use resinous, treated or painted wood.

Do not use green or damp wood. It produces a lot of smoke and delivers half the energy of dry wood.

Entretien (4)

A maintenance kit is available on our website. Apply to all painted surfaces to maintain paintwork. 

Empty your log basket regularly. Clean the oven glass before each use to monitor the cooking process.

You can use the brass brush available on our website. Use a brass brush between each pizza / tarte flambée to remove burnt flour deposits. 

If your stone is stained with tomato sauce, turn it over and light a fire, which will burn away the stains and make your stone as good as new.

To clean the glass of your insert in an environmentally-friendly way, consider using ashes from your previous fire. Who’d have thought it?
And yet, all you have to do is sprinkle cold ashes on the insert glass and rub with a dry cloth until the dirt disappears.
Your glass will look as good as new, and the flames will be visible without any visual disturbance.

After a period of disuse, you can sweep the chimney flue to remove soot.

Cuisson (4)

Please follow the instructions for oven preheating time. 

If your pizza or tarte flambée is burnt, your stone is too hot. You can cool it by moistening a cloth and running it over the stone to cool the surface.

You can also use the pizza grids available on our website, to slow down the cooking process and prevent the dough from burning. 

A laser thermometer is available on our website, enabling you to control the temperature of the stone so that it does not exceed 350°C. The ideal stone temperature for baking pizza or tarte flambée is between 280 and 320°C.

For ovens with flames in the cooking chamber, make sure there are continuous flames when you put your pizza or tarte flambée in the oven. If you’re baking several pizzas or tartes flambées in a row, take the time before putting a new pizza in the oven to replace the log and wait for it to ignite, so that you have enough flames to cook the pizza for 3 to 4 minutes.

To prevent the pizza from sticking to the work surface, be sure to flour both the work surface and your pizza peel.

You can also use the pizza grids available on our website. These allow you to place the pizza dough directly on top and then top your pizza. This will make it easier to handle your pizza.

No, we don’t have a recipe book dedicated to Vulcano. However you can join us on the FaceBook: Vulcano Club. With over 500 members, here we discuss fire lighting, recipe ideas, cooking tips and appliance maintenance.

Service après-vente (2)

Stone is a natural stone with no binder since it comes into contact with food. The stone may crack, but this does not prevent you from using your kiln. 

If the stone breaks on first use, please complete the service form on our website, in the After-Sales Service section.

If your stone breaks after the warranty period and you wish to replace it, the stones are are available on our website as spare parts.

Please visit our website under After-sales serviceand fill in the form with the required attachments. 

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