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Our cooking tips.

Start the fire no more than an hour before you want to sit down to dinner, using small dry logs (beech, oak, ash, hornbeam, etc.).
Do not use fir or charcoal.

You need constant flames when baking your pies and pizzas. These flames rising in the double wall bring a high temperature to your oven, which is essential for browning your pies and pizzas.

For pizzas and tarts flambées, the temperature of the thermometer should be between 180° and 220°. At this temperature, the stone will be about 120° hotter (300° to 340°), the ideal temperature for pizzas and tarts flambées.

We strongly advise you to use special round pizza grids or the aluminum plates in our temperature-holding cabinet (optional from V2 upwards) to place pies and pizzas on, so as not to dirty the stone.

For all other dishes you wish to bake in your Vulcano oven, it is essential to place a Vulcano baking rack on the stone and place your dishes on it, so that the air can circulate between the stone and your dish.

The cooking temperature can be the same as in your electric oven, around 160° to 180°, depending on your dishes.

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