Vulcano at the Hardware Show in Las Vegas 2024: Innovation and Excellence Outdoors

We are delighted to announce that Vulcano will make its appearance at the famous Hardware Show in Las Vegas in 2024.

For us, who started this adventure in 2011 as a family business passionate about outdoor cooking, this show is much more than an event. It is proof that our efforts, our passion, and our dedication to culinary innovation and excellence have paid off.

Since our beginnings, we have sought to share our love for outdoor cooking with the whole world. The arrival of our products on the Canadian market and the launch of our website in English and German have been key milestones in our journey, allowing us to reach even more cooking enthusiasts.

Participating in the Hardware Show in Las Vegas is like coming full circle: a dream opportunity to highlight the journey we have undertaken and to present our expertise to an international audience.

Vulcano: Conquering the United States

Vol las vegas vulcano france

French Influence Abroad

Our products represent French excellence in the design of outdoor pizza ovens and barbecues.

The Hardware Show in Las Vegas is for us the opportunity to present to the American market our latest products, patented or even awarded, such as the Taal, Vesuve, Vulcanello, which are the result of a constant search for innovation. You will also be able to discover the latest addition to the range, the Montagio, the first completely stainless steel build-it-yourself oven.

Our expectations for the show

Participating in the Hardware Show in Las Vegas is for us the opportunity to strengthen our visibility and positioning in the international market.

We aim to establish contacts with strategic partners and attract a new international audience by showcasing our most innovative products.

Kevin vulcano france

The presence of Jobi Pizza at our booth

Pizza au feu de bois vulcano jobi
Jobbi x vulcano

Our partner Jobbi Pizza, world pizza champion in Naples in 2018, perfectly embodies our commitment to excellence. He will be present at our outdoor booth to let you taste pizzas cooked in our wood-fired pizza ovens. To learn more about this exceptional collaboration, we invite you to read the article dedicated to Jobbi Pizza, the world pizza champion.

The Hardware Show in Las Vegas is an important milestone in our international expansion ambitions. We are eager to share our passion and innovations with the world. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok to not miss anything from our American adventure.

Find us at our outdoor booth to discover our products and chat with Kevin or Christian, or to enjoy pizzas made by Denis Job.

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